Support the RUH: Make a Will!

We are delighted to announce that next month we are once again supporting the RUH’s charity-The Forever Friends Appeal. We are one of 25 law firms within the region to be supporting the charity’s ‘RUH Will Month’ initiative, when we donate our Will writing fees to the hospital charity.

The Forever Friends Appeal has already raised more than £17 million to provide state of the art equipment and facilities for the Royal United Hospital in Bath.

To help raise as much money as possible and to encourage everyone to make a Will, like all of the other participating firms, we will draw up single standard Will at the specially reduced fee of £100, or two standard ‘mirror’ Wills for just £150. These fees will be donated directly to the charity. You can even request that your fee be donated to a specific area of the hospital that may have some specific meaning to you.

Partner Laura Ablett is keen that as many people as possible use the opportunity to either make or review their Will.

‘Whatever your age, making a Will ensures that your assets (house, savings, business etc.) goes to the person that you intend’, says Laura. ‘On some occasions, we have seen the consequences of not making a Will be disastrous on the surviving family. This is an excellent opportunity for ensuring that your friends, family and partners be looked after when you die. At the same time, you will be supporting a wonderful charity. I know that the RUH has helped many of our clients, family and their friends during their time of need by providing the highest level of care.’

Jan Witt is the In Memory & Legacy Officer of The Forever Friends Appeal.

‘Some of the best and worst days of our lives will be spent at the RUH,’ says Jan. ‘By taking part in this Will writing scheme and putting your own affairs in order, will not only help your loved ones in the future, but also the patients cared for by the RUH.’

‘The Will writing scheme raised a fantastic overall £33,000 last year,’ adds Laura. ‘Let us make 2016 equally as impressive. We are already making appointments for September. Just call us now on 01761 414646. We look forward to seeing you!’


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