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The majority of personal injury claims are calculated in two parts:-

  1. General Damages

This award is intended to reflect the injury or injuries involved, and the resulting pain and suffering endured.

Each and every case is different, and injuries can affect individuals in very different ways, and for differing periods of time.

Set out below are some illustrations of compensatory awards which we reproduce from the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines.

Bear in mind that they are only indications of the brackets in which an award may fall, and we will need to discuss in detail your particular circumstances.

  1. Special Damages

In addition to award an award of General Damages victims of accidents may also seek special damages, intended to compensate them for any past or future loss of earnings, specific expenses incurred as a consequence of an accident, and additional care or property modification costs or equipment that may be necessary as some time in the future.

We understand how accidents can wreck lives. No amount of money will ever compensate what has happened. However, we have the specialist skills and experience to help you calculate what your claim is properly worth. We will also help ensure that you are not fobbed off and that the compensation that you are entitled to is indeed paid over to you.

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Judicial Studies Board Guidelines

Here are just some examples of the JSB Guidelines:

Quadraplegia £212,500-£265,000
Paraplegia £144,000-£186,500
Brain Damage
Moderately severe £144,000-£185,000
Moderate £28,250-£144,000
Minor £10,000-£28,250
PTSD Moderately severe £15,250-£40,000
Moderate £5,400-£15,250
Chronic Pain Syndrome £7,500-£42,000
Loss of taste and smell Approx. £25,750
Partial hearing loss/tinnitus £4,850-£30,000
Hernia-pain & physical limitation £9,750-£15,850
Neck Severe £16,400-£97,500
Moderate £5,150-£16,400
Minor £875-£5,150
Back Severe £25,500-£111,000
Moderate £8,250-25,500
Minor Up to £8,400
Shoulder Severe £12,600-£31,500
Moderate £5,150-£8,400
Arm Severe £63,000-£86,000
Less severe £12,600-£25,750
Simple fractures of forearm £4,350-£12,600
Wrist Complete loss of function £31,300-£39,300
Less severe £8,250-£16,100
Complete recovery – long period Up to £6,750
Uncomplicated Colles’ fracture Up to £4,850
Complete recovery – short period £2,300-£3,125
Hand Serious damage £36,000-£55,000
Less serious £9,500-£19,000
Minor £600-£2,850
Severe fracture to fingers Up to £24,100
Partial loss of index finger £8,500-£12,250
Fracture of index finger £6,000-£8,000
Loss of part of little finger £2,600-£3,850
Loss of thumb £23,250-£36,000
Very serious injury to thumb £12,900-£23,000
Serious injury to thumb £8,250-£11,000
Minor injury to thumb Up to £2,600
Leg Amputation of both legs £158,000-£185,000
Very serious £36,000-£55,500
Moderate £18,250-£25,750
Knee Severe £17,500-£63,000
Moderate £3,850-£17,500
Ankle Very severe £32,750-£45,750
Moderate £8,700-£17,500
Modest Up to £9,000
Achilles Tendon Most serious Up to £25,250
Moderate £9,750-£11,800
Minor £4,850-£6,600
Foot Amputation of both feet £111,000-£132,000
Very severe £55,000-£72,000
Moderate £9,000-£16,400


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