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When parents split, they are encouraged to resolve any dispute over the children between themselves. Sometimes, this does not happen and it is at this point that it is important to seek immediate expert legal help.

We regularly advise on the issue of child arrangements, i.e. where a child will live and how often they will spend with the other parent.  In addition, we can also assist in disputes involving the following:

  • Parental Responsibility
  • Specific Issue Orders
  • Change of Name
  • Prohibited Steps Order
  • Moving Abroad
  • Special Guardianship Orders

Disputes over children are not always confined to the parents. Increasingly, we are now instructed by grandparents seeking to have contact with their own grandchildren and those where a Special Guardianship Order has been recommended by the Local Authority as an alternative to Care Proceedings.

Public funding (legal aid) may be available to you. We are one of the few firms in the South West able to offer legal aid.

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